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Review: Top Gun Maverick

If you are a fan of the original top gun movie then you are in for a treat. The long awaiting sequel to one of the biggest movies of the 80s is finally here after 36 years and it does not disappoint.

Top gun maverick opens just like the original with the top gun monologue of fighter weapons school followed by the legendary hit dangerzone from Kenny Loggins….already we are hooked.

You will be taken back by the incredibly shot flight scenes whereby six IMAX cameras were placed in the cockpit of the fighter jets and it really shows. The flight scenes are first class and impressive to watch. This alone is a major selling point for any movie but top gun maverick excels in many aspects making it in our opinion the film of the year so far.

The movie itself is a worthy sequel to the monster 80s smash hit that hits all the right notes with a smooth mix of nostalgia and modern action. This is definitely worth a second or third rewatch.

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