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New €55m Green Transition Fund Will Help Businesses to Move Away From Fossil Fuels – O’Dowd

Fine Gael TD for Louth and East Meath, Fergus O’Dowd, has welcomed news from his colleague the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar TD, that a new €55m package of measures has been agreed that will help businesses move away from fossil fuels and mitigate against spiralling energy costs.

O’Dowd said “The new “Green Transition Fund” is part of Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan which is funded by the European Union with the target of making businesses in Ireland more sustainable.

“The business community in Ireland has gone through a very turbulent time with Brexit and then the devastating impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, whilst more people are working in the state than ever before there is also no question that businesses are now  feeling the impact of the Russian – Ukrainian war that is wreaking havoc on international markets and energy prices.

“This new fund will provide practical supports and funding to make businesses less reliant on fossil fuels which will ultimately give them greater stability and assurances in the years ahead.

“The new fund has two elements, the first being a process by which a business can formulate a plan on what is required for their business to become less reliant on fossil fuels and secondly a large scale fund aimed at the manufacturing sector to help them invest in more environmental friendly processes and outcomes.

“Interested companies can apply:


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