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Patrick Brown MLA Welcomes Selection of New Councillor David Lee for Rowallane

Patrick Brown MLA has welcomed the selection of David Lee to takeover his Rowallane Council seat, following the South Down Alliance Party selection meeting on Wednesday night.

The South Down MLA said that Cllr. Lee will be an asset to the Alliance Party, and to his constituents in Rowallane DEA.

Mr Brown said: “I am delighted to hand over the reigns to David Lee, and look forward to seeing what he achieves on Newry, Mourne and Down District Council alongside his Alliance Group Leader Andy McMurray. I am sure they will make a great team of Alliance representatives on the Council. David will work hard for Rowallane and will be an asset to our team.”

Cllr. Lee added: “I’m very happy to be selected to represent the Rowallane DEA and I will continue to build on the work and success of my colleague, Patrick Brown. I’m looking forward to working in the Council with a collaborative approach and I’m presently scheduling introductory meetings with voluntary organisations across the DEA.”

Cllr. Brown added: “We had a great selection meeting and AGM on Wednesday evening, and I am excited about the future of the Alliance Party in South Down. With our first cross-community MLA and a new face on council, I am looking forward to seeing what the Alliance Party can achieve for the people of South Down.”


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