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Patrick Brown MLA Expresses Frustration at Lack of Government

Patrick Brown MLA has expressed his frustration at the DUP’s refusal to go into government this week.

The South Down MLA said the DUP’s move to block the appointment of a Speaker, and prevent the Assembly from sitting, was hugely disrespectful the people of Northern Ireland during the cost of living crisis.

‘We are in desperate need of a functioning government. People are struggling with the cost of living crisis, and yet the DUP turned up to take their salaries, but not their seats. They get paid for refusing to work to help the very people who elected them, whilst those people do not receive the help they need.’ Brown said.

‘I joined many of my Assembly colleagues at Stormont last week for the first time, ready and willing to get to work. The vast majority of MLAs turned up to Stormont on Friday to sign in and get started. We have been elected by the people of Northern Ireland to do a job – and that is what most of us want to do.’ he added. ‘And yet the DUP turned up, signed the roll to ensure they receive their salaries, and then refused to support the appointment of an Assembly Speaker.’

‘I arrived at Stormont this week part of a historic team of 17 Alliance MLAs, committed to serving the people who have elected us and wanting to work to find solutions to the crises we are facing. But once again, the DUP have shown none of that commitment, holding our government to ransom over one issue. Until there is a change, our team will continue to work tirelessly to do everything we can for our constituents.’


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