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Ó Murchú Highlights Issue of Tax Registration for Workers in the North

The issue of tax registration for workers in the North who want to work for Southern firms remotely or in a hybrid capacity has been raised with the Taoiseach in Leinster House.

The matter, which was highlighted by Deputy Ruairí Ó Murchú earlier this week, was brought to the Taoiseach’s attention on Tuesday by the Dundalk TD during questions on Micheál Martin’s Shared Island Unit.

Deputy Ó Murchú said: ‘The shared island unit dialogue certainly needs to be expanded to deal with the constitutional issue but the unit needs to attempt to deal with cross-Border issues.

‘A particular issue at the minute is hybrid remote working. The example I give is people living in the North and working in the South who were remote working, many of whom have been told they now need to be at work five days a week.

‘There is obviously a tax registration onus for employers. This is something we definitely need to deal with.

‘Tech companies are making advertisements stating that to apply for a job, people need to be resident in the South. This is not acceptable, and it is something we need to come up with a sensible solution to’.

The Taoiseach said that Deputy Ó Murchú had ‘made a fair point’.

Mr Martin said: ‘The Minister for Finance is looking at that and has agreed to engage with the Executive on that.

‘There are issues there. They are not simple, but we have to work on them to facilitate cross-Border hybrid working’.


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