Armagh Community Election 2022 Newry South Armagh

“Let’s Make History!” – Malone

Statement from Councillor Gavin Malone:

When I stood for the Council my strap line at the time of my election was, “I WILL DO MY BEST TO MAKE THEM PROUD” and I hope the people of Newry have witnessed how I have put them first and represented them to the best of my ability and I believe I can do the same for the community of Armagh.

Now I fully believe is the perfect time for me, to hopefully take the next step in my political journey and request the further and continued support of the people of Newry and Armagh as I contest the May 2022 N. Ireland Assembly Elections in the Newry / Armagh Constituency. I have been greatly assisted by a number of people, community groups and businesses etc who have encouraged me to stand at this election and I believe I can become the first Independent to win an Assembly seat in the forthcoming election. If elected I will give a firm commitment to the electorate that I will represent them openly, to force the change that is needed during these very difficult times.

If I was fortunate enough to be elected to the Assembly I would prioritise a large number of matters which have a major impact on both Newry and Armagh, namely secure a Grade A hospital at DaisyHill Hospital, Development of a Peoples Park at the Albert Basin, Regeneration of Newry and Armagh City Centres, Cost of Living issues, Car Parking, Transparency in Government, Newry Market, Armagh Jail, Cross Border Development, Support Community Organisations. a Cross Border Strategy and Rural Development.

I want to represent the communities in both Newry and Armagh Constituencies in a very positive and innovative way, to make sure their concerns and issues are totally listened to and a person they can trust. If elected I will provide a Constituency Office that is available for all those who live in this electoral region, so we all have a voice.


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