Crime Downpatrick South Down

Police Car Rammed and Officers Injured in Castlewellan Incident

Thursday evening (29/04/22), officers from Downpatrick received a report that a number of drunk males were in a garage forecourt and one of the males assaulted a member of the public and also damaged their vehicle; they then drove off.

The suspect’s vehicle was observed by town-centre CCTV operators later that night driving the wrong way round the one-way system in Newcastle. The vehicle passed police in Castlewellan, pulling into a lay-by.

In an attempt to get away, the drink-driver reverse rammed the police car, resulting in two officers being injured. All of the occupants were detained and two of them were arrested for numerous offences. Upon searching the driver, eleven bags of suspect cocaine were located hidden on his person.

Both males were bailed to return back at a police station in a number of weeks.


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