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‘Develop Daisy Hill, says Grant

The future of services at Daisy Hill hospital can’t be allowed to became an “election campaign one-day wonder”, the Workers Party’s Nicola Grant has warned.

“There is a real danger that once we get past polling day that the spotlight on Daisy Hill will begin to fade and then be quietly forgotten about. That cannot be allowed to happen”, she said

“I am, once more, calling on the Southern Trust to share its recruitment plans with the public to let everyone know what efforts are being made to recruit the appropriate medical staff, how extensive that recruitment drive is and what, if any, obstacles are preventing the return of emergency surgery”, Nicola said.

“There is no doubt that our health service is under pressure, that it has been underfunded and under resourced and that its staff are being taken for granted with below inflation wage offers”, Nicola said

“Changes are needed, and the whole future of the NHS must be secured, but that does not, and should not, equate to the run down of Daisy Hill”, she said

“On the contrary, services at Daisy Hill hospital should be developed and enhanced as part of a wider regional review.”


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