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People in Newry and Armagh Have Opportunity to Create History, says Coade

People in Newry and Armagh have a real opportunity to create history by delivering the first Alliance MLA for the constituency with their first preference votes, Alliance candidate Jackie Coade has said.

Ahead of the poll on May 5, Jackie pointed to the previous election in Newry and Armagh in 2019, where she finished fourth in the race on over 4,000 votes. She said the chance to have Newry and Armagh’s first Alliance MLA was in the hands of local people going into the election but first preference votes were crucial.

“If enough people vote Alliance in any constituency, they will get an Alliance representative after this election. That is no different in Newry and Armagh,” she said.

“There’s no doubt people are disillusioned with the system but they are sick of the chaos and gridlock they have seen from the largest parties. Alliance has been engaging with people right across Newry and Armagh during this election campaign and there is a lot of interest in politics. People just want to see solutions and that’s what we’re trying to bring.

“Alliance has previously polled well here – in 2019, we finished fourth in that year’s election. There is sometimes a belief change is impossible but we have proven that is not the case. This is the chance to break the mould, with the numbers showing Alliance is the best opportunity to do that. But it is vital back us with their first preference votes.

“If people want to send a message – about their desire for a politics which delivers for people, about backing a party which wants the institutions to work and about a progressive Newry and Armagh where everyone is treated equally – then Alliance is the vehicle for them to back. People in this constituency have the power and their first preference votes will make the difference.”


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