Armagh Community Election 2022 Newry Politics South Armagh

‘Heat or Eat, That is the Question!’ – Malone

Independent Assembly candidate for Newry and Armagh Councillor Gavin Malone has highlighted the seriousness of the cost of living crisis. The Newry and Armagh candidate has stated that this will be a key issue if he is to be elected to the assembly.

Councillor Malone said:

“Cost of living is a very worrying concern for everyone in our community, if elected I will totally support any agenda which pushes a serious reduction in fuel duty, VAT reduction and the much needed increase in Universal Credit. 

These small possible contributions will have a massive impact on low income families and need to be delivered.”

“Due to the current level of inflation I will also be calling on all private and statutory agencies to offer pay increases that reflect the current inflation level, anything less will mean a pay reduction instead of a pay rise. 

I will also recommend a tax on all energy providers who continue to accumulate massive profits every year, a large portion of these profits should be passed on to the wider population to alleviate current cost of living hardships.”


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