Climate Community Election 2022 Newry

Halt the Work, Save the Trees! – Grant

Workers Party candidate Nicola Grant has demanded that the Department of Infrastructure calls an immediate halt to work on the Flood Alleviation scheme on the Old Warrenpoint Road .

” It is beyond belief that 200 year old oak trees coud be put at risk, never mind cut down. Yet it appears that that is exactly what is happening.”, Nicola said

“The city needs to be protected from flooding and that project is to be welcomed, but did the Department of Infrastructure consult with anyone on their plans? Did they even talk to their colleagues in the Department of the Environment (DEARA) ? It seems not”, said an exasperated Nicola

“The Department seems intent on throwing the baby out with the flood waters. This is environmental insanity”, she said.

 I have emailed the Departments responsible and demanded an immediate pause on work until the future of the oak tress can be secured”, Nicola added.


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