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MP to Host ‘Evening of Reflection’

Local DUP MP Carla Lockhart has announced she will be hosting a special ‘Evening of Reflection’ to remember the ‘Thin Green Line’ that protected life and liberty in Northern Ireland in the face of a brutal terrorist campaign. The event will be held in Brownlow House on 28th April 2022, at 7.30pm. Pre-booking is essential.

Announcing the event, Carla Lockhart said:

“We owe a huge debt to the men and women of the RUC, UDR and other Armed Forces for their service and sacrifice here in Northern Ireland. 

Faced with the savagery of the IRA campaign, that sought to destroy our land and took the lives of so many innocent people, these brave men and women donned the uniform, and left their families day after day, not knowing if they would return home. They put their lives at risk to protect us all.

Many of their colleagues lost their lives in service. We will never forget their sacrifice. Many who survived live day by day with the physical and mental scars of what they experiences and witnessed. . 

Despite the best efforts of Republicans, we will not allow this gallant service and sacrifice to be besmirched by the perverse rewriting of history. The truth will continue to be told, despite the best efforts of Sinn Fein to erase their past and shut down those who continue to remind them of the blood stains on the hands of the IRA.

I am honoured to have three veterans of high regard joining me at Brownlow House on 28th April to tell their stories, and reflect upon what they faced and the price paid by so many of their friends and colleagues. Errol McDowell QPM, Paul Slaine QPM and Eric Glass QGM DCM are known to many, and I know this will be a deeply moving evening for all in attendance.

Pre-booking is essential, and your place can be secured by contacting my office on 02838 310088 or by email


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