Business Community Election 2022 Newry

Grant Calls on Local Firm to Value its Workers

The crisis in pay and conditions for workers in education, local government, transport and many private sector firms has been highlighted by Workers Party candidate Nicola Grant – using the case of local firm Haldane Fisher as an example.

“I fully support those workers who, instead of being acknowledged and rewarded with a pay rise, are now facing a cut in wages in real terms”, Nicola said

“The current situation at local firm Haldane Fisher is a case in point”, she said.

“Below inflation pay offers, coupled with the spiralling cost of living mean that many workers are worse off than they were a year ago”, Nicola said

“Everything is going up except people’s wages. It is ironic that workforces, like that at Haldane Fisher, which kept companies and services going through the worst of the pandemic are facing additional hardships while company profits remain healthy and continue to grow”, Nicola commented.

“The number of working people having to claim benefits to supplement their income, because their take home pay is insufficient to live in is increasing all the time”, Nicola said

“The phenomenon of the ‘working poor’ has now become an established part of life in 2022.

“I am calling on the management at Haldane Fisher to revise their offer, acknowledge the contribution their staff have made to the company’s success and recognise the value of the local workforce”, Nicola concluded.


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