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Enough Is Enough! – Malone

Independent Assembly candidate for Newry and Armagh Councillor Gavin Malone has stated that enough is enough regarding the stripping of services from Daisy Hill Hospital. The Newry and Armagh Assembly candidate has pledged to make Daisy Hill Hospital a number one priority if he gets elected.

Councillor Malone said:

“Our hospital needs protected! If I am elected I will concentrate my efforts to ensure that services at Daisy Hill Hospital are increased and not diminished. 

For too many years Daisy Hill Hospital has always had a cloud hanging over its head with a threat of closure or further reduction in services.”

He added:

“The hospital services a very extensive area and provides many excellent services to the community. 

I will be tabling this matter in the N.I Assembly to ensure our hospital is secure and there will be no further reduction in services, I want our hospital to expand in the future. 

I also want to support the brilliant health care staff in the hospital so that they feel secure in their jobs.”


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