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Cllr Pearse McGeough Offers Initiative on Ardee Gridlock

The gridlock in Ardee at certain times of the day is getting worse and according to Sinn Féin Councillor Pearse McGeough, is ‘destroying Ardee’.

Speaking after this month’s Ardee Municipal meeting where Cllr McGeough put forward a proposal to alleviate the problem, he said “Ardee and its business community can’t wait any longer. This evening we welcomed progress on Part 8 of the Ardee (Western) bypass but the reality is, the completion of that project is years down the line and the Eastern bypass has yet to make it onto the agenda.

“We are talking about the regeneration of Ardee and consultation is already underway for that but what is the point if people are just going to be sitting in traffic instead of being out and about visiting the local traders and putting money into the local economy?

“I know people who have said they would visit the town of Ardee more often if it wasn’t for the gridlock. Something has to be done.”

Ardee is situated along the N2 which is the main Dublin/Derry route.

What Cllr McGeough is proposing is that “solar digital signage be erected on the N2 just north of Collon. Vehicles would be offered an alternate route to bypass Ardee by following the R169 Dunleer/Collon Road, enter the northbound motorway, exit at Junction 14 and rejoin the N33 to continue their journey northwards.”

Cllr McGeough pointed out that this detour would add just an extra 9km onto the journey but it gives drivers an alternative to sitting in gridlock. He also pointed out that this detour would only affect vehicles who are ‘merely passing through Ardee’ and he hopes “with less gridlock, vehicles in the town would be more inclined to stop and shop.”

This initiative will now be put forward to Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)


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