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Lockhart Congratulates Skeogh Flute Band on 140 Year Landmark

DUP MP Carla Lockhart has joined with DUP Leader Rt. Hon. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP at a celebration dinner to mark 140 years of Skeogh Flute Band. The event was held in the Bannville Hotel at the weekend, with current and former members coming together along with many supporters of the band through the years.

Carla Lockhart said:

“The earliest record of Skeogh Flute Band was at an event in Banbridge Orange Hall in 1882. That makes this year the 140th year of the band being in existence, making Skeogh one of the oldest marching bands in the country. 

This is a remarkable achievement and is testament to the dedication of those who have been part of the band family through the last century and more. A band requires a lot of commitment, and to have lasted for 140 years reflects the dedication of so many to making the band a success and a mainstay of the local community.

It was lovely to be part of the celebrations and I greatly appreciated the very kind invitation to attend. In recent years I have been delighted to assist the band in securing funding to help them go from strength to strength. I know from speaking with members tonight that many more good years lie ahead for the band, as they showcase a wonderful musical ability and pride in the culture we all hold dear.”


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