Armagh Election 2022 Newry Politics South Armagh

Nicola Grant to Stand For Workers Party in Newry & Armagh

Local woman, and small business owner, Nicola Grant will be the Workers Party Assembly election candidate for the Newry & Armagh area.

Nicola, who lives in the Bessbrook area,  will be campaigning against poverty, the increasing cost of living and the affects on working people, those on low pay and those struggling to make ends meet.

“For many local families ‘Heat or Eat’ is a real and daily dilema”, Nicola said. 

“If golf clubs can receive cash subsidies and businesses be supported to the tune of over £22 billion then working-class people, families, single parents, the elderly and the vulnerable can also be provided for”

“On the day after polling  we will all still be confronted by a number of issues that will fundamentally affect all our lives, the lives of our families our children our neighbours and our friends:  and they won’t be: A Border Poll, the Protocol, Flags, Culture Wars or Community Identity

The issues facing the vast majority of people and particularly working class families will be the Cost of Living, the Health Service, Housing, Education, Low Pay and the Environment”, Nicola said

“And yet there are candidates in this election, many of whom have been representing this constituency for years, who are setting up irrelevant, and phoney battles for them to fight and for them to drag us into.

What difference does it make to a family facing a daily dilemma of heat or eat who the First Minster is?

What difference will it make people living in chronic poverty, poor housing or no housing?

What difference will it make to young mothers desperately wanting to work but not being able to find or afford child care?

What difference will a Border Poll make – win lose or draw – to a young student unable to go to university, a teenager unable to secure an apprenticeship or a family with no heat and little food”? Nicola asked

This election gives us the opportunity to re-write the political script in favour of working-class people and their needs.

I am urging the people of Newry and Armagh to rise to that challenge”, she concluded.


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