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Y-Zone Offering Hope to Young People – Lockhart

Local MP Carla Lockhart has visited the Y-Zone in Portadown to meet Campbell and Gail Best, and see the new Youth Hut Initiative that is the latest addition to the work of Portadown Elim in the town to engage with young people.

Carla Lockhart said:

“Campbell and Gail have such a heart and zeal for transforming the lives of local young people. I know of many examples of people who were on a downward spiral, came along to the Y-Zone, and turned their lives around. What an amazing legacy to give to a community!

The new Youth Hut Initiative is the latest addition to the work of the Elim Church in this area through the Y-Zone scheme. It is very much focused on helping young people who are maybe going through a difficult period, need some support, need some practical interventions and skills, and can then gain those skills to live their lives fulfilling their potential. 

I am delighted to have helped the group secure funding for this scheme and I want to thank funders like Live Here Love Here, ASDA, NIHE, for their support in making this really positive vision and reality. 

Of course I would also encourage young people to engage with Campbell, Gail and the team here. It is a step you will not regret, but will only benefit from. 

Portadown is blessed to have such wonderful people in Campbell and Gail Best who just have the best interests of our young people at heart, and get on with doing all that they can to help people. I wish them many more years of blessing in this work.”


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