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Major Whiskey Company Sets up HQ in Newry

A major whiskey company has decided to set up their headquarters here in Newry City utilising the economic potential within the border region and beyond.

Having spent the last six years playing the roles of importer and distributor for some of the most well known Irish drinks around the world the team at Irish Craft Beverages decided the time was right to launch their own brand of Irish whiskey with the goal of selling something that they have had a hand in producing. As a result Two Stacks whiskey was born.

Two Stacks First Cut Whiskey

The Two Stacks Bonded Whiskey warehouse is the first of it’s kind in Newry City for well over a century. This is a major stepping stone for Two Stacks to choose Newry as their City of choice. It holds major benefits from ideal location between Dublin & Belfast, a thriving population and a prosperous future ahead of it with lots of technology companies headquartered here and new infrastructure investment coming to the City in the coming years.

The expansion has come off the back of the success of the Two Stacks Whiskey range exploding into the global markets, expanding into over 20 countries in under a year. New emerging markets for the brand include Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, UAE, Qatar, Dubai, Canada, and even as far away as India and South Africa.

Invest NI’s TAG support program has aided major developments in the USA with the revolutionary “Dram In A Can” which has been picked up by Woolworths Australia, Qatar Duty-Free, Total Wine & More, Wholefoods in the USA, and will see it’s national launch across Ireland this month with Bevella, and Anzac in the north of Ireland.

Dram in a Can

The new 6,000 Sq Ft whiskey facility on the edge of the city will see Two Stacks become one of the largest whiskey bonders and blenders in the north of Ireland. Establishing itself as a major player by working with a handful of Ireland’s top distilleries and breweries to continue bringing unique and innovative spirit products into the world of whiskies.

The new warehouse is completely self-sufficient, running off renewable solar panels, with all-electric machinery on-site, and electric car chargers for the staff. Continuing of the path of one of Ireland’s most innovative whiskey bonders & blenders, Two Stacks will be launching a whole new forth pack in the Ireland market, alongside the first-ever Single Malt whiskey in a can.

Two Stacks collaboration projects as a small company have included collaborations with local artists and talent such as Matt McGinn from Hilltown, and up and coming Irish Actor, Niall Bishop who co-launches his program on the same day of the whiskey release, – Episode 1 will see an appearance of Dram In A Can in the show, you can subscribe to watch on their website. 

It has been a busy few months in the Two Stacks office however the investment in a new warehouse within Newry City will certainly be a welcome development amongst the business and local communities. As the company grows from strength to strength it was very heart warming to know that Newry City will be a part of that amazing journey.

You can check out their website here:

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