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Richmond Heights, Banbridge Now a Priority By the Dept for Infrastructure

DUP MP Carla Lockhart has spoken of the fact that she is pleased that Richmond Heights, Banbridge is now being classed as a priority by the Department for Infrastructure however, has expressed frustration that there remains no start date for the much needed resurfacing of the development.  

Speaking having received the confirmation Carla Lockhart MP said, “for a number of years I have been pressing the Department of Infrastructure to resurface Richmond Heights.  It comes on the back of many residents having complained about the state of the roads in that vicinity.  Unfortunately to date no works has taken place but I am pleased that in the most recent correspondence on the matter DFI have confirmed that it is now on their “priority list”.  They see clearly the need for resurfacing but unfortunately residents may have a further wait as they allow time for utility companies to consider laying pipework/connections in the area.  I will be continuing to press for this work to be completed given the appalling state of the roads in this development.  The typography of the site means it is essential that the road network supports the volume of traffic and is safe given the steepness of the development.  

I will be working hard to try and have this completed as soon as possible.  This type of scenario is not unique unfortunately to Richmond Heights.  Many developments and estates have been surfaced some 30/40 years ago.  They are in much need of investment and to that end I will continue to lobby.”  

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