Agriculture Armagh Crime

Farmer Convicted at Armagh Court

Mr William Robert Gordon McNiece (57), Crossdall Road, Middletown, Armagh was convicted at Armagh Magistrates’ Court on 7 March 2022 of one charge of transporting an animal that was not fit for the journey.

Mr McNiece pleaded guilty and was fined £200 plus £15 offender levy.

The case arose when a DAERA Official Veterinary (OV) Surgeon at an abattoir examined an animal presented by Mr McNiece. The OV noted the animal had sustained a serious injury. The animal was euthanased as quickly as possible.

In the professional opinion of the OV, the injury was of a severe and painful nature from which it would not recover and it should have been euthanased on farm to prevent further suffering. Furthermore, it would have been obvious that this animal was not fit for transport, and by transportation to slaughter, Mr McNiece caused further unnecessary suffering.


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