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MPs Distribution of Sit Out Fundraising Efforts

DUP MP, Carla Lockhart has commenced the task of distributing the funds she raised during her Christmas Sit-Outs in Banbridge, Lurgan finishing off in Portadown. 

This week saw her distribute some of the funds raised in Banbridge to the Storehouse, Banbridge’s Community Food Bank.  These much needed finances will go to those most in need and will assist in emergency food or support with heating/electricity.  Ms Lockhart was treated to a tour of their new premises.  

At the Storehouse their fundamental ethos is to consistently demonstrate compassion and dignity. 

Nobody wants to advertise the fact they’re struggling to put food on their family tables or to give their children fresh fruit and vegetables, but the reality is it’s happening and is an increasing problem.

Speaking following the visit Carla Lockhart said; “it was a real privilege to meet Nancy and Pastor Paul at The Storehouse connected to Grace Generation Church in Banbridge.  My sit out was aimed at supporting those most in need and given the increase in the cost of living it is vital to do all we can to help those who are struggling to heat or eat.  I was humbled by the efforts of those involved and would commend them all for their time and willingness.  I was struck by some of the figures surrounding the increase in usage and those needing help in this way.  It is always humbling to see the efforts of those who have such a burden to help those less well off. If anyone is in need please do feel free to get in touch directly or I am happy to refer on.  I am fearful that things will get worse for families therefore it is important to support the The Storehouse if you are able.”


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