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Lockhart Reappointment as Chair of All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group

This week saw the reappointment of DUP MP Carla Lockhart, as co-chair of the All-Party-Parliamentary Pro-life Group.  At the AGM, Ms Lockhart was unanimously re-elected with high commendation for her efforts to promote the pro-life cause since her election to Westminster in December 2019.  

Speaking following her appointment, Carla Lockhart said, “It is a mammoth and sobering task as we seek to restore life affirming laws across the United Kingdom.  Everyone will know my passion for protecting the unborn, the most vulnerable in our society therefore, I am delighted to have been reappointed as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group in Westminster. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve alongside the Rt Hon Fiona Bruce MP (Co-Chair), my DUP colleague and Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP (who serves as a Vice Chair), and several others over the past year, which has witnessed many encouraging signs and successes for the pro-life movement in Westminster.

Chief among the pro-life successes at Westminster has been the recent announcement by the UK Government that the emergency ‘at-home’ abortion policy will expire at the end of August. This temporary pandemic policy has endangered the safety of women through heightened risks of abuse, coercion, and medical complications, and it is a great relief to see it come to an end.  Also our thwarting of the attempts to legalise abortion to birth was a particularly big win for us as we garnered support from all corners of Parliament in speaking against such plans. 

The next year is set to bring more opportunities and challenges for the pro-life movement in Westminster as we seek to move another step closer towards full protection for the unborn and pregnant women across the UK. As Chair of the Pro-Life APPG, alongside the tremendous and tireless Co-Chair Fiona Bruce MP, I am more convinced than ever of the urgency and importance of bringing the pro-life message to the widest political and public audience possible.

From a Northern Ireland perspective we are continuing to try and ensure that the overreach of the UK Government is challenged.  They have forced the most liberal abortion laws in all of Europe onto the people of Northern Ireland against the will of the vast majority of people.  Northern Ireland has always had life affirming laws and it is our aim to have them restored.”


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