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Film Review – The Batman

We have been very lucky over the years to have many faces of Batman in cinema. Keaton, Bale, Kilmer, Affleck and even George Clooney had a go. However when the announcement came that the guy from twilight would don the great cowl of the caped crusader this was met with severe criticism. This writer however has defended the selection whilst referring to the new Batman as the great actor from the Lighthouse, Good Time, Bel Ami and Tenet.

The Batman can be now be added to the list of strong Robert Pattinson performances. His dark, moody take on an angry Bruce Wayne moving into a vengeful and dark Batman is bold yet unforgettable. Pattinson takes on the role very well. He isn’t the previous jacked Bruce Wayne sculpted from marble like Michelangelo’s David. This is a Batman in his second year of crime fighting; he is torn between his ability to fight crime and doing good within himself.

The latter becomes apparent near the end of the movie prompting a character arc soon to develop in a potential sequel. What we need to remember is this is Batman starting out. He had to start somewhere and Pattinsons emo driven; angry, vengeful caped crusader is just that. Let’s be honest this Bruce Wayne is a little weird and mumbles like a stroppy teenager but we love it…what do you expect from a billionaire orphan hell bent on revenge.

The film itself is incredible with its slick; dark, gritty detective noir feel makes it a Batman movie for the ages. It’s a great take on the superhero genre but it is also a really good movie. The film itself is a fantastic detective movie in itself. The decision to make the Riddler a serial killer needs to be addressed with great aplomb. It’s simple the serial killer is the Riddler; the detective is Batman alongside Jim Gordon. What unravels throughout the narrative is a twisted tale of corruption and suspense. You will find yourself trying to piece together the clues and solving the Riddler’s puzzles whilst you watch it. Paul Dano is insane as the Riddler.

Two scenes stand out for us. One is the incredible shot of the penguin looking at Batman upside down (his car is on its roof). The Batman walks slowly towards him with flames in the background and brooding music in tow. Second is the incredibly choreographed scene where batman takes on an array of gunmen and the only light visible is from the gunfire.

This is a very well crafted film and a different take on the Batman genre. It is dark and noir driven towards a detective/killer cat and mouse. Pattinson excels in his role alongside an incredible supporting cast of Kravitz, Dano, Jeffrey  Wright and an unrecognisable Colin Farrell. Whilst Pattinson had a lot of pressure leading into this, to be fair he has done very well. Thankfully we had zero bat nipples and a great soundtrack from nirvana. We recommend some ceev in the sequel.

Clanrye News Score – 10/10

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