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Hard Line Approach Needs to Be Taken With Contractors Facilitating Road Repairs! – Byrne

Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne has criticised the low standard of road repairs being carried out by external contactors citing the current works ongoing in Pearse Park by Irish Water as an example.

Cllr Byrne noted that “repairs to the roads throughout every street in the estate are already disintegrating and falling asunder after only a matter of weeks” and she asked that the operations team “take a harder line approach and demand more from these contractors.

“This is not a new issue. Pearse Park is just the latest example. We’ve seen it in places where water works, electricity works and broadband works throughout the town have taken place and the results are the same in many cases – low-grade sub-standard patch jobs. Even some contractors we have hired ourselves to install ramps for example have led to the same levels of disintegration. We need to take a harder line approach with anyone we are permitting to open our roads and paths and an acceptable level of repairs simply has to be met.”

Cllr Byrne requested that the Council engineers contact Irish Water and ensure they fix every repair they’ve made throughout Pearse Park before they move out of the area and going forward, scenarios like this should be measured and monitored at the time to ensure a high standard of job that is value for money.


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