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Protocol Issue Cannot Be Fudged – TUV Newry and Armagh

Speaking to an anti-Protocol rally in Markethill, TUV leader Jim Allister said:-

“The basis of unionist cooperation, as set out in the Ulster Day Declaration, is, in its words, the “unalterable position that the Protocol must be rejected”. 

“The necessity for such rejection has not changed. It is because through the Northern Ireland Protocol the European Union obtains sovereignty over economic and trading matters in Northern Ireland, subjecting us to their laws – which we cannot change – and the rule of the European Court of Justice. Foreign sovereignty over any part of the U.K. is incompatible with being an integral part of that kingdom. 

“Thus, any ‘landing ground’ that leaves us annexed into the EU’s single market is not ‘the best of both worlds’, but keeps us firmly in the EU’s world, with Great Britain designated as a ‘third country’, while we are subjected to European Union laws and jurisdiction. Such is a non-starter.

“Any woolly thinking that you can be part of the EU single market and subject to its customs code while at the same time not be subject to its sovereignty is a dangerous delusion. 

“Thus, any acceptable way forward requires the EU to give up its ill-gotten sovereignty over Northern Ireland. There can be no compromise on this constitutional imperative. This is not a matter to fudge or equivocate over and those who do forfeit the right to expect transfers from anti-Protocol unionists.”


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