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Alliance Welcome Planning Approval for Boardwalk in Montaighs Moss Nature Reserve

Local Alliance representatives have welcomed planning approval for an application from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) for a 500m long nature boardwalk in Montaighs Moss Nature Reserve. The application, which is situated off the Montaighs Road near the village of Aghagallon, will also include a new car park for 10 vehicles.

Commenting on the success of the application, Alliance Upper Bann representative Eóin Tennyson said: “The approval of this application is good news for the local community. Many local residents of the Aghagallon area walk the rural roads around the nature reserve therefore the addition of a boardwalk will give an opportunity for the local community to get an up close look at many of the wildlife species that inhabit the site.

The local Alliance Councillor for the area Peter Lavery added “As a society we need to do more to protect and conserve natural habitats. The number of species has decreased over the years so it is vital that we all work together to help them recover.

“Projects such as this boardwalk will help to educate younger generations about the importance of conservation and breadth and variety of wildlife that exists on their doorstep.”


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