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Mackle Welcomes Economic Boost and Increased Trade

Sinn Féin council group leader Liam Mackle has welcomed the economic boost and increased trade that the protocol has brought to Belfast Harbour.

The ABC representative said: 

“I welcome the significant economic boost that the protocol has clearly brought to Belfast Harbour.

“The Harbour handled a record level of trade last year, an increase of 9% with container traffic growing to its highest level since 2008.

“This increase in trade at Belfast Port is part of a wider trend which has saw freight traffic from Britain to the North’s ports increase by around 20% as hauliers take advantage of the Protocol

‘While DUP representatives regularly throw out figures calculated on the back of an envelope in relation to the impact of the protocol, the reality is an increase in trade through our ports and significant increases in trade across this island over the past year.

“This is good news for businesses and workers and highlights the potential of the north’s unique status under the protocol.

“We need to see a positive outcome to the current negotiations between the British government and EU to provide clarity and certainty to businesses.

“Furthermore we need to build on the opportunities of our continued access to the EU single market to attract investment and create jobs.”


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