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Emergency Surgery Must Return to Daisy Hill – Sinn Féin

A Sinn Féin emergency motion to Newry, Mourne and Down District Council condemning the move by the trust to withdraw emergency surgery from Daisy Hill has been passed overwhelmingly. 

Cllr. Roisin Mulgrew, who proposed the motion, spoke after the Council meeting:

“Sinn Féin is totally opposed to services being taken out of Daisy Hill. The passing of this motion is an important statement by our council and I am glad other parties and independents supported our motion.

“This is a clear sign to the Trust that the people of Newry and the surrounding areas will stand up for our hospital. We need firm commitments from the Trust that all services will return and efforts made to improve service delivery for the people of this district.”

Cllr. Mulgrew continued,

“My party colleague, Conor Murphy MLA, the Finance Minister, has proposed a spend of £21 billion on health in his 3 year budget. 

“The pandemic exposed the impact of over 10 years of Tory cuts on our health service and this budget’s priority is to repair some of the damage that these cruel cuts have inflicted on our health service.

“The recent reckless actions of the DUP now threaten aspects of that budget, including funding for cancer care and mental health services. 

“We call on all political parties to recognise the importance of this budget in protecting and improving our health service, and to continue to support it.

“We have asked that this motion be forwarded to both the Trust and to the Health Minister to ensure that they understand that any dilution of services at Daisy Hill is not acceptable.”

“Our vision for the future sees services returned and improved upon. We want to see Daisy Hill expand and offer even better healthcare to the people of this region. Sinn Féin will continue to stand up for Daisy Hill Hospital.”


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