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Public Concern over Removal of Emergency General Surgery at Daisy Hill – Workers Party

Newry and Armagh Workers party representative Nicola Grant has expressed concern regarding the recent removal of emergency general surgery at Daisy Hill Hospital.

“Local healthcare should always be safe, of the highest quality and be professionally delivered – but it must also be accessible”, says Workers Party representative Nicola Grant.

“There is considerable public concern over the announcement that emergency surgery will no longer be performed at Daisy Hill Hospital”, she said

“We have heard promises of ‘temporary’ changes before and they have nearly always proven to be permanent. That cannot be allowed to happen this time”, Nicola said.“It looks like the Southern Trust thinks it can use an administrative solution to address a very human problem”.

“This ‘temporary ‘arrangement and any subsequent reconfiguration of services will mean local patients requiring urgent surgery could face a journey of over an hour to Craigavon.”

Nicola added.“I have been in contact the Southern Trust calling on them to review and reverse their decision and to bring forward proposals for securing emergency surgery at Daisy Hill.”


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