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O’ Dowd : Almac Analysis of Protocol Significant

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has said that a statement released by Almac Group outlining their analysis of the Brexit Protocol is noteworthy.

The Upper Bann representative said:
“Almac is one of the greatest economic success stories we have and the fact that it is headquartered right here in Upper Bann is something to be rightly proud of. 

It also employs over 3,000 people at its ever-expanding Craigavon plant, so its importance to the economic wellbeing of the area cannot be overstated.

Therefore it is significant that Almac Group feature on their website a statement setting out the benefits of the Protocol, which they rightly state gives them “unique seamless, uninterrupted and flexible access to both the UK and European marketplaces.”

It is local, yet crucial business like these that need to be listened to when we examine what the Protocol actually means. Instead we have doom-mongering provided by the DUP, based on half-baked theories that do not stand up to any serious scrutiny. DUP representatives are on record previously extolling the virtues of the Protocol, only to change tack when polls showed they were losing support. 

“The checks at the ports is only one element of the Protocol and something which can be sorted but when the DUP call for an end to the Protocol it is worth noting that will also see an end to  the advantage Almac has under the very same Protocol.”


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