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Cuts to Rural Transport Should be the Last Stop not the First – O’Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has said that there must be no further cuts in Translink services for rural areas. 

The Upper Bann representative stated:

“Once again we see rural transport being targeted for cuts. Why is cutting rural transport Translink’s proposed solution to every problem?  

“Our public transport network is vital for connecting people and communities, for tackling social isolation and for providing equality of access to services. It also has a huge role to play in tackling the climate crisis. 

” I have highlighted on numerous occasions how important rural transport is to a large number of constituents across Upper Bann.

“In rural areas, the already limited public transport available is a lifeline to many people and any further cuts to rural services is unacceptable.

“Many rural people depend on public transport for getting to work, school and for connectivity in general. There must be no  further decline in rural bus services.”


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