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Choice and Cost Important When it Comes to School Uniforms – Mackle

Sinn Féin council group leader Liam Mackle has said choice as well as cost is important when it comes to school uniforms. 

The ABC spokesperson was speaking after a briefing by the Children’s Commissioner Koulla Yiasouma to the Education Committee.

Cllr. Mackle said: 

“If given a choice there are good reasons for children to decide to wear trousers, that choice should be available for every pupil.

“The inclusion of trousers as an option for every pupil ticks all the boxes.  

“At a time of rising heating costs and the current requirement for more ventilation in classrooms, trousers are warmer. 

“By encouraging more active play among girls, wearing trousers can improve health and wellbeing. As an option during menstruation, trousers can provide greater comfort and confidence. 

“I am urging schools and their governors to make that choice available now and allow pupils and their parents the flexibility to decide.”


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