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Ending Complicity in Implementing Protocol Long Overdue! – TUV

Following the DUP’s announcement to resign the First Minister position , TUV leader Jim Allister has stated “it’s about time!”

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“About time” is TUV’s primary response to the DUP’s announcement of
 the resignation of the First Minister.

 “TUV has long said key to getting rid of the Union-dismantling
 Protocol was ending all complicity in its implementation. Hence the
 folly of the Poots Posts and checks which helped the iniquitous
 Protocol bed in.

 “We have long said that if the price of Stormont is the implementation
 of the Protocol that it was a price no unionist should pay, or ever
 should have paid!

 “The Protocol is so fundamentally destructive of our integral position
 within the United Kingdom that it must go in all its parts. There can
 be no halfway house on our constitutional position and it can not be
 secured without the EU giving up its ill-gotten sovereignty over
 Northern Ireland.

 “Continuing in a foreign single market, under a foreign customs code
 and VAT regime, all governed by foreign laws we don’t make and can’t
 change and overseen by a foreign court, is not compatible with being
 part of the United Kingdom. Hence this Protocol is irredeemable and
 unbearable for unionism.”


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