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Kimmins Welcomes Progress on Newry City Regeneration

Sinn Féin MLA Liz Kimmins has welcomed progress on a number of projects as part of the regeneration of Newry City.

“The Newry City park project was given a massive boost when my party colleague, Conor Murphy, the Finance minister, allocated over £16 million to support the project. 

“The plans for a 15-acre City park will totally transform Newry and provide a first-class green space in the heart of our city and for the wider area.

“On top of this, the Belfast Region City Deal will also see millions being spent to redevelop the area.

“This includes projects such as the Southern relief road, which will take 800 lorries out of Newry every day. This will ease traffic congestion as well as tackle pollution in the City.

“Other projects include a theatre and conference complex, helping to strengthen the arts locally and attract more tourists to the area.

“Another aspect of Newry regeneration is the Civic centre. This will create a hub for public services and create jobs for Newry, encouraging people to live, work and raise their families in the city.

“Crucially, the transfer of the Council away from the Monaghan row site would open up the possibility of the Trust acquiring this site to allow for the expansion of services at Daisy Hill Hospital. 

“All of this will help to make Newry a centre of business and investment in the region and ensure that the City is not left behind. 


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