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Good Friday Agreement Committee Calls on Each other Dáil Committee to Allow Northern Representation – Aontu

The Good Friday Agreement Committee in the Oireachtas is to write to each of the other Oireachtas Committees to request that they allow elected MPs from the North of Ireland speaking rights on their Committees. Aontú Leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín made the proposal at the Good Friday Committee. He stated;

“Currently the Good Friday Agreement Committee is the only Committee that allows elected reps from the north to participate as of right. It works really well and allows us to deal with issues that affect people north and south. However, one committee simply can’t deal with every sector of mutual north south importance”.

“The proposal that Aontú has made today which was unanimously passed by the GFA Committee could be a game changer in the all-island development of Ireland. It could allow us to start to properly plan and develop health, education, transport, climate, energy together. A key problem is that both jurisdictions, still plan fund and deliver key services with their backs to each other. If we planned, funded and delivered services together these would be better stronger services and they would cost less to the tax payer”.

“There is nothing in law that prevents each committee in the Dáil in allowing elected MPs in the North to speak and attend their Committees. All it takes is the political will to change standing orders. Our proposal does not request voting rights for northern representatives at this juncture. We urge each Committee to take this opportunity for the betterment of society north and south.


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