Community Lurgan Upper Bann

£250k Council Spend on Jubilee Criticised- Cllr Mackle

Speaking after Unionist Councillors on ABC Council voted to spend £250k of ratepayers money on Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. Cllr Mackle said:

‘At a time when  workers and families across the Borough are facing rising food and fuel prices and many have lost jobs the decision by unionist councillors to spend over £1/4M of ratepayers money on events to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee is obscene. 

‘Councils across Britain will not spend anything like this amount. This is more about unionist insecurity than the Queens Jubille. 

‘As a party we supported a reasonable spend to allow local communities to mark this major milestone. The UK Government is also planning major events. We felt this was sufficient. 

‘This vast sum could have been better spent on other vital services. 

‘A scheme to help families deal with fuel poverty, Children’s play areas, community services would have been a much better use of council spending. Such reckless spending at a time when households are facing such a difficult time is unjustifiable. 

‘All other parties followed our lead and voted against this wasteful spend but unfortunately the unionist parties had the numbers to get it through.


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