Newry Politics

Saoradh Protest SDLP Offices in Newry

The Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh have taken protest action at the SDLP office and Crown Force Barracks in Newry this evening [Jan 25th].

During the first protest activists held images highlighting incidents of harassment and unfurled Anti-RUC banners whilst posters were pasted on the SDLP office itself.

Republicans then made their way to the nearby RUC barracks where we continued our protest. Numerous passing motorists sounded horns in support of Saoradh, much to the annoyance of the Crown Force militia who were forced to look on helplessly.

Speaking from the protest Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “This action was taken in response to the SDLP’s ongoing support for the British Forces of occupation as they continue to wage a campaign of intimidation and harassment towards the Republican community in Newry.

“In recent weeks and months there has been a notable upsurge in incidents of state harassment directed towards our local members including intimidation, the stalking of homes and failed informer recruitment attempts my both the RUC/PSNI and MI5 operatives. Such human rights abuses are ignored by the SDLP.”

Murney continued “Back in November the SDLP MLA Justin McNulty even acted as a recruiting sergeant by attending a Crown Force event in the Canal Court Hotel. While Justin was inside rubbing shoulders with human rights abusers, those on the receiving end of the harassment were refused entry and were locked outside surrounded by a ring of steel. 

“Afterwards he was challenged online by victims of state force brutality but rather than answer the questions he chose to delete them and block the constituents who asked them. The actions of a coward. 

“The time has come for the ongoing silence of political parties regarding such abuses to be vigorously challenged.”

The community worker added “Republicans and their families, including children, are being tortured and harassed every day of the week by these forces. 

“Dozens of stop and searches take place with parents being forced to remove kids and babies from cars so their possessions can be rifled through. 

“Baby seats and prams are also searched during these incidents and the RUC/PSNI are inextricably linked to the sinister MI5 agency who have helped them freeze personal bank accounts belonging to our members and they have also attempted to use social services as a weapon to target Republican families.”

Slamming the silence of the stoops Murney concluded “All of this has been well documented but the SDLP and the rest of the political parties elected representatives instead choose to ignore it. The PSNI are a far cry from the smiling faces we see on recruitment billboards, the reality on the ground is much different.

“More radical action will take place in the coming weeks and months.”


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