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Pressure Building in Housing Market as House Prices & Waiting Lists Increase – Aontu

Aontú Deputy Leader and Fermanagh/South Tyrone Rep Cllr Denise Mullen has raised serious concern over the rapidly increasing pressure average house prices increase by over £25,000 pounds since January 2020 and housing waiting lists increase.

Cllr Mullen: “Since January 2020, the average house price in the North has increased by over £25,000. That’s more than some people earn in a year. This represents a 10% increase in little over a year, and a 3% increase on the previous quarter. Of course, this is without factoring the increased cost of living and depreciated income arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. I can’t help but fear that the North is vulnerable to international vulture funds who can hijack the housing market to the detriment of the people.”

“This is further borne out in the increased number of people on social housing waiting lists. Across the North, there are over 43,000 people on social housing waiting lists but over two thirds of those on waiting lists are statutorily in housing distress. Meanwhile, over 4,200 people are homeless on our streets. The Stormont Executive is failing in its duty of care towards the people.  Aontú pledges to deliver swift, sustainable housing solutions which will meet housing demands and having a roof over your head you can call your own is not just a pipe dream but an attainable reality.

We are calling for an increased tax on empty homes and a grant to get them back into use. We demand significantly increased investment money to build social and affordable homes. We demand that state land be made available for housing. We are calling for an increased social housing responsibility for private developers. Aontú MLAs will make housing a priority in the Assembly.


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