Community Crime Newry

IRSP Condemns Racist Graffiti at Mourneview Park, Newry

Newry based political party the IRSP have condemned the racist graffiti at a house in Mourneview Park, Newry.

A spokesperson for the group stated:

“On Tuesday evening ( 18th January) a house in Mourneview park was daubed with racist/xenophobic graffiti. 

The house which was vacant at the time, is due to be allocated in the coming days. 

Mourneview is a proud working class area, with proud people; this cowardly deplorable act, was not carried out in their name or with any support within the local community.”

“In recent months, Newry has seen a marked rise in racist/xenophobic attacks. The IRSP totally condemns those who peddle hatred and division. 

Everyone has a right to live in peace, free from intimidation and harm. No family should be living in fear.”

“We call on everyone to stand up to racism. Together, we can stop this cancer which has taken root in Newry and throughout Ireland. 

IRSP representatives have met with Mourneview Community Association and residents in regards housing issues within the area.”

“The IRSP will facilitate a meeting with the community and relevant statutory bodies to bring any ongoing issues to a satisfactory conclusion.”


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