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Return to Double Jobbing for MLAs and MPs

The political foundations of Northern Ireland have been shook as it has been reveal that we could potentially have a return to double jobbing in the North of Ireland.

It has been revealed that the Government is proposing an amendment to the Northern Ireland minister’s elections and petitions of concerns bill.

Despite the potential dual mandate to last until the Westminster election in 2024. The move is widely believed to benefit the DUP, most notably its leader Jeffrey Donaldson.

The DUP leader has been operating as party leader from Westminster but this move will allow him to stand in the upcoming election in Lagan Valley prompting him to lead from the Assembly.

Under existing rules if he was elected to Stormont he would have had to stand down as an MP, leading to a by-election in his Lagan Valley constituency.

It is believed that despite a dual mandate, both salaries cannot be claimed. The move has been opposed by four of the five main political parties including Sinn Fein, SDLP, UUP and Alliance.


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