Standing Up to Sinn Fein: Doing It By The Book! – TUV

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“During yesterday’s Finance Committee (3rd January) Sinn Fein MLA Maoliosa McHugh objected to a copy of Conspicuous Gallantry, Anthony Leask’s book on the service of the men and women of 8th (Co Tyrone) Battalion of the UDR, being in my study.

“Like Mr McHugh I was taking part in the committee remotely and frankly the contents of my study are none of his business. I note, however, that a book which testifies to the bravery of the security forces in facing down the threat of terrorism raises such ire from Republicans simply by existing! Sinn Fein/IRA are so intent on whitewashing the shameful bloody record of the Provos that they cannot so much as tolerate Mr Leask’s excellent book being in my study.

“Having blocked a centenary stone, a rose bush for the centenary and a tree being planted for Her Majesty’s Jubilee Republicans now move to try to dictate the content of my study because they are so easily offended!

“Obviously I refused to take any notice of Mr McHugh’s silly objection but it is a telling insight into how easily offended Republicans are by the mere presence of a book which contains a truthful account of their blood-soaked past and shameful record against the gallant men of the UDR.” 

You can watch a recording of the relevant section of the committee meeting here


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