TUV Encourages DUP to Now Act Against the Protocol

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“The first and obvious question which the acceptance by Edwin Poots that he ought to have sought Executive approval for the Poots’ Posts and checks, is why didn’t he realise this a year ago. Instead he has implemented the Union-dismantling Protocol for a full year!

“But, better late than never.

“The second issue which now arises – particularly given the dither and implementing of the last year – is will the DUP commit to blocking this belated Poots’ request for Protocol approval within the Executive and to do so without further prevarication and dither?

“There now is no excuse for inaction. The opportunity to derail the Protocol must be taken and taken swiftly.

“I commend Mr Bryson and UVPS on forcing Mr Poots’ hand.”


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