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What Support Will Be Available For Individuals Impacted By Restrictions? – UUP 

East Belfast Ulster Unionist Party MLA Andy Allen MBE has called on the Economy Minister to detail what support will be available for individuals such as DJs impacted by recent restrictions.

Mr Allen said:

“I have written to the Minister for the Economy on behalf of a number of DJs who have contacted me following the restrictions announced by the Executive, to ascertain what support will be made available for individuals. 

“I welcome that, following pressure, the Executive have detailed £40M of support that will be available for those affected businesses.

“However, the Executive should move with the same urgency and detail the support they will provide for DJ’s, entertainers, the supply chain and other staff who will be impacted by the restrictions. 

“Will the Economy Minister be reopening the Coronavirus Restrictions Business Support Scheme or will support be provided through a new scheme? 

“Clarification for those impacted by these restrictions is required.”


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