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MLAs Must Explain Why Disabled Babies Less Worthy of Life – Lockhart

Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart has urged local Upper Bann MLAs Doug Beattie and John O’Dowd to explain to the public why they believe it is right that a baby can be aborted on the grounds of disability to full term of pregnancy. Both Mr Beattie and Mr O’Dowd rejected a Bill by DUP MLA Christopher Stalford to protect the lives of babies with a disability.

Carla Lockhart said:

“The Bill before the Assembly this week would have removed the “right” to have an abortion on the grounds of a diagnosis of disability up to full term. 

It is absolutely devastating that some of our local MLAs here in Upper Bann refused to support this Bill. Both Doug Beattie and John O’Dowd lined up together and sent out a message that says disabled babies are less worthy of life.

It is worth making clear what this means. Both MLAs believe that the very day before the baby could be born naturally, it can be aborted – killed – because it has a disability such a cleft palate. I find that heartbreaking and deeply disturbing. 

These MLAs need to explain why they believe this is right. Why they are telling those in our society with a disability why they are less worthy of living. 

I want to thank my colleagues Diane Dodds MLA, Jonathan Buckley MLA and indeed Delores Kelly MLA for supporting the Bill. They did the right thing. Others must explain why they did not.”


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