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Kimmins Calls for Cycling Investment for Newry and Armagh

Sinn Féin MLA Liz Kimmins is calling for more cycling investment in Newry and Armagh following a Committee for Infrastructure briefing from Sustrans and has stated that an opportunity was missed during covid to change peoples travel behaviour.

The Newry and Armagh MLA stated:

“We need to urgently move away from fossil fuels in order to tackle the climate emergency.

“It is unacceptable that Transport emissions have been rising since 1990 base levels. Walking and Cycling can play a massive role in helping cut emissions and air pollution as well as improving people’s mental and physical health.

“That’s why it has been so frustrating to see such limited delivery in active travel despite its potential.

“At the Infrastructure committee today, Sustrans officials stated that an opportunity had been missed in the north to change travel behaviour in Covid; with reference to the lacklustre amount of ‘pop up’ cycle lanes that were delivered compared to other areas.

“At the committee I stressed the need to prioritise walking and cycling investment so the infrastructure is in place to allow people to walk and cycle without concerns for their safety. 

“In the Newry and Armagh area I want to see the expansion of our Greenways such as Carlingford and to see cycle lanes implemented across our cities.

“No more opportunities can be missed, we need to get real and commit to green transport.  Walking and cycling has a big role to play in achieving this.


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