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Meigh Crossroads Remains a Safety Issue for Community – Kimmins, Mulgrew

Sinn Féin Councillor, Roisin Mulgrew and Liz Kimmins MLA have spoken after a site meeting with DFI at Meigh crossroads, to look at road safety issues in the area.

Liz said:

“There are still major issues with motorists coming from the Railway Road and my colleague, Councillor Mulgrew pointed out that this was an accident blackspot where the safety of pedestrians and motorists is hugely compromised.

“DFI have agreed to explore other options to improve safety for road users including updating signage to notify motorists that they are approaching a junction.

Liz’s colleague, Cllr Mulgrew also commented after the meeting, saying;

“I welcome today’s meeting with DFI about this ongoing issue for the people of Meigh village. Both myself and Liz have been contacted by numerous residents with concerns about road safety at these crossroads.

“While we did manage to secure Speed Indicator Devices for the Crossroads, and these have made some difference, there remains a number of other steps that the department could take to make this stretch of road safer for road users and residents.

“I welcome the fact that they have agreed to look at improving signage around the crossroads and hope that this will go some way to making the village safer for all. “


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