Community South Down

Alliance Councillor Calls Out Unlicensed Tree Felling

Local Alliance councillor, Patrick Brown, has spoken out against unlicensed tree felling on the Rann Road in Annacloy.

Cllr Brown commented: “Last week I visited a site in Annacloy that has been subject to, in my opinion, disgraceful environmental vandalism. Contractors on the Rann Road have torn down a large area of trees, despite not having obtained a felling licence. This destruction has devastated wildlife habitats, including protected kestrel nests.”

Cllr Brown continued: “This work is being carried out in preparation of the development of an illegally built polo field, which currently does not have planning permission. These proposals seek to commercialise the local area with complete disregard for its rural character.”

Cllr Brown concluded: “I have objected to the retrospective planning application submitted for the polo field, and I am liaising with Forestry and council regarding the unlicensed tree removal. I find it deeply concerning that this developer is operating outside of the confines of the law and with seeming indifference towards the impact the project will have on the environment. It is crucial that our Planning Department acts swiftly and firmly to address the situation.”


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