Allister Addresses Sinn Fein First Minister Threat at Belfast Rally

Speaking at a TUV rally in support of selected TUV Assembly candidates in Belfast – Ron McDowell in North Belfast and John Ross in East Belfast – Jim Allister directly addressed the issues of a Sinn Fein First Minister and inter-unionist transfers.

“Going forward into the Assembly election it is imperative that all unionist parties are candid and honest with the electorate.

“Two issues, in particular, require such candour.

“Of course, no one, who cares anything for Northern Ireland, would want a Sinn Fein First Minister, but is there the resolve to do whatever it takes to block such?

“Remember, even if Sinn Fein was the biggest party, because it is a joint office, they can only ever be First Minister if they can find a stooge Unionist party to act as deputy! 

“TUV is clear: we will never empower Sinn Fein. Will others likewise commit not to be Sinn Féin’s bridesmaid, or will they meekly nominate a deputy First Minister?

“There is no honesty in scaremongering about a Sinn Fein First Minister to attract votes and then rolling over to empower them. We’ve seen enough of that! 

“So, let’s have an honest answer to the question. Merely, saying we are fighting to be First Minster is to dodge the issue. Each party knows what they would do in those circumstances, so let them man up and tell us. 

“Secondly, will all unionist parties urge inter-unionist transfers? Again, candour is required.

“I fully understand that I, nor anyone else, cannot compel any voter to use their transfers other than they desire, but, as a unionist leader, I can advise the wisdom of maximising the unionist vote through transferring down the unionist ticket.

“In PR elections we have the luxury of choice, but to make the most of it inter-unionist transfers make best sense.”


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