Community Crime South Armagh

No Cold Calling Scheme Launched

Slieve Gullion Neighbourhood Policing Team has been working alongside Newry, Mourne and Down Age Friendly to help Fold residents show doorstep criminals the door, through a ‘No Cold Calling’ scheme.

Using the ‘No Cold Calling Zone…no uninvited traders’ window stickers, developed in association with Trading Standards, cold callers can be warned away and a contact number provided to report those who ignore the sticker warning to Trading Standards.

Newry, Mourne and Down Age Friendly and local police have been working with the local Fold Housing residents across the Slieve Gullion area and are pleased to announce the first scheme with Crossmaglen Corliss Fold Housing. 

While it should be noted that not all cold callers are rogue traders, the project has been developed by police to put a stop to those unofficial traders who may overcharge unsuspecting householders for poor quality work or work that is never completed at all.

PSNI Chief Inspector Adam Corner said; “No Cold Calling Zones are designed to discourage rogue traders who may be trying to sell shoddy or over-priced goods, or who try to trick their way into the house to commit a burglary. They also help to tackle fear of crime by making people feel more secure in their own homes, and give them the confidence to tell unwanted callers to leave.

“Most callers at your door will be genuine but someone could be trying to gain access to look around your property or charge you far too much for shoddy or non-existent work. The project is not designed to apply to established callers such as a milk delivery or window-cleaners.

“No Cold Calling Zone stickers are available on request from your local Crime Prevention Officer by calling 101. If you are interested in your area becoming a No Cold Calling Zone please contact local Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101”.


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